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Launch a Range of New Switches and Sockets

In interior design and decoration, there are many details need to pay attention to. Switch and socket outlets are the one that worth your attention.

How to choose a good one for your home or your projects? Let’s go ahead.

Switch and socket outlets, as an important part of our home electrical system, the quality is the very important, otherwise it will not only shorten the service life of the electrical appliance, but also the electricity safety.

There are many kinds of panel materials for switches and sockets. A good panel materials should be excellent in frame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and oxidation resistance.

The metal inside the switch socket generally is copper, such as brass, phosphor bronze, and the like. Brass' conductivity is good, but its oxidation resistance and toughness are not ideal. Phosphorus copper is one of the more excellent option. The color is generally brown, with good ductility and fatigue resistance, and the reliability is more higher than that of ordinary alloy copper products. Switch sockets with the same material can be selected by comparing the length and thickness of the copper sheets. Under normal circumstances, the same material of the switch and socket, the thicker the copper will be better. because it can carry a larger current impact.

BESSO LX-SERIES is a modern modular switch range that offers a big flexibility and a great variety of functions, comfort, efficiency, and is the ideal solution for all living spaces. It best suit the unique design and decoration. It’s just what electricians, designers and your customers wanted.


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